Students & Universities

Students & Universities

"What appealed to me most about SOS initially was the mentor program, which I really felt I needed to be able to grow professionally and meet the challenges of an ever changing job. SOS offered the support of an experienced professional who was accessible to me whenever I had questions and needed answers."
- Joni S. CCC-SLP, LA

Transitioning from student to professional can be a confusing and overwhelming time. The SOS Team has prepared this information to help you learn to navigate your way through the job search process, license process and to successfully establish yourself in your chosen field.

Employment Structure:
SOS works with therapists under three programs; School and Medical Travel, School Contract and Perm Placement. Only in Travel and Contract positions will you actually be employed by SOS. In Perm Placement, you will be employed by one of our SOS client facilities if you accept the position. You can interview with SOS in any of our divisions and even for specific SOS assignments without being committed to accept a position for which you have interviewed.

For both Travel and Contract positions you are directly employed by SOS. Travel and Contract jobs are actually the same jobs, but are categorized differently based on the qualifying characteristics of the therapist. The two designations are used to distinguish between the two compensation packages we can offer based on the location of the therapist's place of employment in relation to their legal residence. If you accept a position that is further away from your legal residence than you can comfortably commute, then we can provide you with tax-free company paid housing and the position is designated as a Travel position. This employment status is defined by the federal tax code and if you meet this criteria you are eligible for a range of tax advantages in addition to the benefits that are directly provided to you by SOS on a tax free basis.

If you are eligible for Travel status you will receive an hourly salary plus the tax free company paid housing or housing reimbursement. If SOS directly provides your Travel housing, we will negotiate the local lease, pay the deposits associated with the lease, pay the rent and utilities and provide a rented furnishings package. We do not generally pay for phone or cable TV bills. As a Traveling Therapist you also have the option of arranging your own temporary housing and submitting housing expenses to SOS for reimbursement.

Contract positions are for people who accept a position that is within commute range of their home. If you are a Contract therapist, you are not eligible for SOS's tax free company paid housing and will instead be paid a higher salary in lieu of this reimbursement. This higher pay is in recognition that SOS will have no housing expenses related to your Contract and all of their hourly pay is subject to regular payroll tax assessments.

Through our Permanent Placement division, you will be matched with and introduced to our clients who will employ you directly. The important thing to know about SOS's permanent placement division is that we are a licensed private employment agency and that you will never be charged a fee or otherwise penalized for seeking employment through our agency. Your benefits and compensation plan for a Perm position will be determined by the client employer, not by SOS.

SOS Employee Salary and Benefits:

Your hourly rate can vary based on the geographic area, cost of living, clinical setting, etc. We evaluate our compensation package on an ongoing basis to make sure that our salaries are among the highest available in each market. The SOS Benefits package is superior to those generally offered in Travel or Contract companies in several areas.

In a school setting, both programs provide a guaranteed work week of 35, 37.5, or 40 hours per week through the school year, and the option of ESY summer work in some locations. So long as your employment with SOS remains unbroken, your insurance benefits remain in place at the company's expense even if you choose to take the summer off. You can elect to be paid for time worked throughout the year as it is earned, or you can choose to receive your pay on a pro-rated basis over 12 months, similar to the compensation options offered by public school districts.

We are currently offering Masters and Doctorate level new graduates employees who sign a one year employment agreement a sign-on bonus, including CF-SLPs.

In addition to your hourly salary, we offer our staff top tier health care coverage, prescription, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits. So long as employment is ongoing, insurance is provided over the summer as well. Other benefits include SOS providing or paying for all required state license(s), all required but non-reimbursed medical tests and, relocation expenses up to $500 per assignment, an annual subscription to an on-line CEU portal that is available 24/7, accrued sick pay, professional liability insurance and other insurance coverage as required by law. Beginning with their second year of employment, you are eligible to participate in our 4% company matched, 401K plan.

Clinical Settings:

SOS employees work primarily in schools. Travel and temporary contract positions in medical settings generally last for only a few months, while contract positions in the schools are generally for the entire school year. This means that if you are working as a Traveler in a school contract you will usually be in the same place for the entire school year.

SOS is a therapist owned and managed company that puts your professional interests and well-being first. We understand the unique needs you have as a new graduate and are committed to helping you to successfully launch your career. Thank you for the opportunity to share in detail the unique benefits of working for a Travel company. We frequently speak to graduating therapists regarding their employment search process and the employment climate they will encounter after graduation. We would be happy to make ourselves available to speak on campus to students if that would be of benefit to you. We also look forward to answering any other questions you may have.