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Information & Resources

"Everything's great! The staff is really nice and helpful. I think I'm going to love my new assignment this year."
- Shannon M., OTR/L, IL


Job Hunting Tip: Interview for every job with the goal of getting an offer. You can always decline a job offer but you can't undo a hesitant first impression.

January 2015

Job Hunting Tip: Mark on a map where all of the universities that offer your degree program are located. Draw a circle 50 miles out from that location and concentrate your job search outside the circle.

January 2015

Know you want a position in an SOS school contract? Interview for a 'Pre- commit' contract with us. Secure a place on our team now and choose the specific school position later.

February 2015

Open to relocating but don't know the areas? Select a company to work with who does know the area and let them assist you based on your criteria and what they know about the job markets in your target area.

February 2015

Need a few clinical resource materials to help you get through that new externship? Check out our Pinterest and Facebook pages and see some of our favorite links. Click the Pinterest or Facebook Icons on our website for a direct link commection.

February 2015

Dread the "Tell me about yourself" interview question? Google "elevator introduction" and "interview introduction" to prepare a short but memorable answer.

March 2015

Job Hunting Tip: When asked about your weaknesses in an interview, present a plan of action for correction at the same time. Take ownership of where you need to improve and show enthusiasm for undertaking that work.

March 2015

Trying to choose between competing offers? Go with the one that speaks to your heart. There is a reason that one pulls you even if you can't articulate it.

April 2015

Job Hunting Tip: Be likable and know what types of job you are looking for. Managers are human. It matters when you really want our job, not just a job.

April 2015

Job Hunting Tip: When interviewing by phone, dress professionally and sit at a desk/table. It improves the energy level and professionalism of your voice.

May 2015

Job Hunting Tip: The interview is not about you. It is about how well you can meet your employer’s needs. Emphasize how your education, experience, work ethic and interpersonal skills can help achieve the company’s goals.

May 2015

Job Hunting Tip: People think about LinkedIn as a way to make contact with others who may help you in your job search, but it is also a powerful way to find out about companies and the people with whom you might be interviewing or working.


Interview now for fall schools contracts - jobs begin in July, August and September: CA AZ TX IL IN OH NJ MD VA NC GA and FL

Before June

Plan on taking your Praxis, Comps, NBCOT and APTA exams before June to ensure having your license in place before school starts.

July 1st Deadline

SLP-CF candidates need to have their applications in to California and Georgia in order to be assured of having a license in place before school starts

July Plans

It may be too late to get licensed in CA or GA before schools starts unless you've already applied.

Applications for licensure in a other state needs submitted now in order to be in place before school begins!


Most AZ IN GA and FL Schools begin mid to late July/early August.

Most IL TX CA schools begin in mid to late August/early September

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SOS Resource Information

As a therapist owned and managed company we pride ourselves on being a resource for our staff and for other interested therapists.  The information shared here is relevant for the new job seeker or caught our eye as a resource worth sharing.

One of the most rewarding aspects for us at SOS is when we are able to connect with students and therapists. Much of our information is conveyed via email or through one of our social media sites: LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and interviews are conducted over the telephone.  The SOS Human Resource staff and Managers enjoy the opportunity to make our connections more meaningful.  In addition to our recruiting outreach at conventions and career fairs, we are always open to answering your email, social media contact or phone call regarding job hunting, interviewing and other professional information.

It is never too early to educate yourself about all the options your discipline has to offer!  It is also a good time for us to clarify the services we offer and get you the facts about local and "travel" therapy.  If you are a new therapist or student we invite you call and talk with us about your job interests.  You may call or email to set up an appointment for a specific day and time to talk with us.