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"My CFY placement is great, my supervisor is available more often than I could have imagined and the personality match is perfect."
-Nina A., MS, CF-SLP 

Clinical Fellowship Information
As a therapist owned and managed company, our owners have been exactly where you are today! We are keenly aware of your needs and concerns as new professionals from day one.

Local School Contract Positions
SOS offers you an outstanding CF experience in one of our school contacts. As Local Contract or Travel employee with SOS, you receive a higher total compensation package, especially as a new graduate. Another big financial advantage is that SOS will guarantee your hours during your work week! NO being "sent home early" or worrying about completing your CFY in a timely manner. Finally, it's a good way to get started in a new area to see if you like both the job and the geographic area. Our contract and travel jobs are in school settings in the following 12 travel states: CA, AZ, TX, IL, IN, OH, NJ, MD, VA, NC, GA and FL.

Traveling During Your CF Year
It is much easier for to complete a CF in a school setting versus other settings because you will be in one location and have only one CF Mentor during your CFY. We have a wide range of school opportunities for your consideration including positions working with all age groups and medically complex caseloads. It is possible for you to select a school position for your CF and then explore other SOS locations and options once you obtain your CCCs. SOS school positions are generally for the entire school year but a limited number of short term medical/maternity coverage or semester only positions are also available.

CF-SLP Support and Mentorship
We provide you with all the support you need to be successful. Our Human Resources and Licensure departments as well as Regional Managers will coordinate and respond to your individual job needs throughout the interview process. All of us at SOS understand that this is can be a particularly stressful time as you complete your graduate studies, take the praxis, and focus on obtaining your CF position.

We're here to help make your transition from student to professional easier!

Once you are in an SOS position, you will have ongoing professional support from our whole team!

Bilingual CF-SLP and CCC-SLP School Mentorship Program

In addition to the clinical support from our SLP Consultant, Sarah Jordan MS CCC-SLP, you will also have Bilingual Spanish clinical support from our Bilingual SLP Consultant, Megan Kimmel MS CCC-SLP if you are working with a multi-cultural or Bilingual caseload. 

All of our staff receive specific assignment support from our Regional Managers and your designated CF-SLP Mentor in addition to the other SOS employees in our corporate office, and SLP co-workers at your job site.

SOS Application and Interview Process
You may decide that SOS is the company for whom you want to work prior to interviewing for specific positions. You can interview with SOS and accept either a PreCommitment Employment Agreement or a full SOS Employment Agreement. As suitable opportunities open up, you will interview and select a specific assignment.

You may decide that you want to work for SOS, but you'd like to interview for open positions first and then accept employment with SOS based on the outcome of your interviews with our school district or other clients.

Both options offer a CFY Sign On Bonus and we are committed to YOU from day one!

Permanent Placement Positions
If travel is not for you and you do not live in one of our contract states, you can be considered one of our permanent placement positions. We offer a limited number of permanent placement opportunities with employers in all clinical settings nationwide. For perm positions you will interview and be directly employed by one of our client companies. Our clients know that our contact with new graduates is extensive and they trust us to present them with candidates who are both qualified for and interested in their vacancies. The Regional Managers can present you with opportunities that meet your criteria and assist you through the interview process.

The First Step
As you approach graduation, SOS will begin to work more closely with you to qualify your skills, discuss your clinical interests and begin to identify suitable vacancies in the states in which you are seeking employment. You will be asked to complete an SOS Profile and to send us your resume if you have not already done so.

SOS employees generally have a significantly higher total annual compensation package than those working directly for a school or medical facility. We will work with you to determine which opportunities are best for you and help you select a rewarding CFY position.

We are looking forward to working with you!

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